September 19, 2018

Swift Ground Spider

Scientific Name: Supunna picta

Other Common Names: Spotted Ground Swift Spider, Wasp-mimicking Spider

Species documented in 1873 by L. Koch.


As the name suggests, this spider is reported to be one of the fastest in Australia. It moves in short bursts with a darting type motion.
This spider has brilliant white markings across its body, with one row of white dashed spots on the abdomen. The forelegs are reddish to brownish in colour, which can help this spider mimick a wasp’s antenna.



The Swift Ground Spider is a vagrant that doesn’t build a web.


Ground-dwelling insects/spiders.


Also called a wasp-mimicking spider, as it is reported to wave its forelegs in the air whilst in motion, to mimick the two antennas of a wasp. Discover more about Silver Orb Spider.

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