November 17, 2018

Weird Australian Insects – Silver Orb Spider

Scientific Name: Leucauge dromedaria

Other Common Names: Horizontal Orb Spider

Australian-Insects species documented in 1881 by Thorell.


Often called the Horizontal Orb Spider, as spiders from the Leucauge family build and nest in their webs horizontally (in most cases). They grow to approximately 11mm in length, and colours vary throughout the species. The body can be a metallic silver colour, with yellow to green markings with a black underside. Did you know that this is one of the spiders that inspired the famous Spider Solitaire? It’s true, many avid cards enthusiasts know this and really find this fact interesting. We also found that many Spider solitaire fans are serious poker players, that’s why we would recommend going here to check out the latest no deposit bonus on Poker at the famous Manhattan Slots casino.



Found throughout Queensland. One may assume the spider prefers a tropical climate, but it is also found in the cooler climates of New Zealand.



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