September 25, 2018

Mallotus Harlequin Bug

Scientific Name: Cantao parentum

Other Common Names: Parent Bug, Jewel Bug, Shield Bug, Shield-backed Bug

Species documented in 1839 by White.


This jewel bug is approximately 12mm long, a body colour of orange with black splotches. One of the insect world’s more interesting bugs for a number of reasons; the adults remain with their offspring and protect them for several weeks which is rare for an insect, and they also produce chemical pheromone secretions known as spiroketals (156 and 157) which was the first report of spiroketals from any of the Heteroptera order of insects (Schulz, 2004).


The jewel bug will lay a number of eggs, and upon hatching, as previously noted; the bug will protect the offspring from predators for a number of weeks.


Found on the Red Kamala (Mallotus philippensis) and other such species from the family (M. claoxyloides, M. discolor) and also Araucaria cunninghammii (Cassis & Gross, 2006).



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