Early instars of this caterpillar are green with a forward-curving dark brown tail-horn. Later instars caterpillars develop diagonal white stripes on the side of each segment and the horn curves backward. There is a brown form of later instars for which the diagonal stripes are less conspicuous. The caterpillars usually rest by day on the undersides of the leaves of foodplants.a They have been found feeding on :

The caterpillar grows to a length of about 7 cms. The pupa is brown with a curved extension for the haustellum of the developing moth.

The adult moths of this species have grey forewings, each with some dark angular lines and a dark dot near the middle. The hindwings are dark brown.

The eggs are spherical and green, and laid singly on the leaf of a foodplant.

The species is found inland in New South Wales and Queensland.