Glyphodes bivitralis Guenée, 1854
(one synonym: Morocosma alitalis)
Leafroller Moth

Don Herbison-Evans ( )
Stella Crossley

(updated 19 July 2010)

Hong Kong specimen
(Photo: courtesy of David Mohn,, Chinese Christian Seminary, Hong Kong)

These Caterpillars are green with black markings on the thorax, and four black spots on the last abdominal segment. Later instars become brown with the same black markings. The caterpillars have been found feeding on :

  • Coral Tree ( Erythrina speciosa, FABACEAE ), and
  • Mountain Fig ( Ficus variolosa, MORACEAE )

Each caterpillar lives in a shelter made by curling a leaf of its foodplant, and holding it curled with silk.

(Photo: courtesy ofIan McMillan, Imbil, Queensland)

The adult moths have forewings that are are brown with white patches, and hindwings that are white with a broad brown margin. The moths have a wingspan of about 3 cms.

The species is found over south-east Asia, including :

  • Hong Kong,
  • India,
  • Japan,
  • Taiwan, and
  • Thailand,
    and in Australia in
  • Queensland,

although the wing pattern and colouring of specimens from Australia and overseas are slightly different.