Clania ignobilis

These Caterpillars live and pupate in a silken case. to which they attach twigs parallel to the axis of the case. Often, all the twigs are of uniform length, except for one twig which is cut longer than the others.

The Caterpillars normally only protrude the head and thorax out of the case, as these are covered in a hard skin that is coloured in a light and dark brown pattern. The soft abdomen is kept inside the protective case.


The Caterpillars are said to feed exclusively on

  • Gum Trees ( Eucalyptus, MYRTACEAE ),

but they have been reported on:

The case can grow to a length of up to 5 cms.

The adult male has translucent grey wings which easily lose their scales. The male moth has a long prehensile abdomen, and a wingspan of about 3 cms. The female is wingless.

The species is found over much of Australia, including