Twenty Eight Spot Ladybird

These little beasties start life as one of a cluster of tall pointed yellow eggs, each about two millimetres high and one millimetre across. Typically, they are laid on the underside of a leaf of a foodplant.

The larvae are not true Caterpillars, but are the larvae of a ladybird beetle. The larvae are round and yellow with sparse stiff dark hairs. They feed on various members of the plant family SOLANACEAE, being agricultural pests on:

  • Potato ( Solanum tuberosum ),
  • Tomatoes ( Lycopersicum esculentum ), and
  • Eggplant ( Solanum melongena ).

A wild population is maintained on weeds such as:

They also attack crops from the family CUCURBITACEAE, such as:

The larvae grow to a length of about 8 mms. They pupate on the underside of a leaf.

The adult is round and yellow with 28 black spots, and has a length of about 8 mms.

It is also a pest in: