Eudocima jordani

Eudocima jordani (Holland, 1900)
(previously known as : Ophideres jordani)
Jordan’s Fruit Piercing Moth

Don Herbison-Evans
Stella Crossley


The caterpillars of this species feed on:

  • Snake Vine ( Tinospora smilacina, MENISPERMACEAE ).


The male moths of this species have subtly patterned dark brown forewings, and bright orange hindwings that have broad black margins and a large black spot in the middle. The wings have scalloped margins, and the forewings have a concave inner margin. The abdomen is orange. The wingspan is about 7 cms.

The females are similar except they have a broad yellow diagonal band across each forwing.

The adult moths are a commercial pest: damaging fruit by piercing the skin to suck juice.

Control of the moths may be possible using:

The moth occurs in

  • New Guinea
    and in Australia in
  • Queensland.