February 19, 2018

Green Jumping Spider

Scientific Name: Mopsus mormon

Other Common Names: Northern Green Jumping Spider

Species documented in 1884 by Keyserling.


An unusually large and complex salticidae spider (Jackson, 1983). The female of this species can grow up to 18mm in length. The female is more of a green colour than males, which tend to have hints of red throughout.




Found in Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Eastern Northern Territory. This salticidae spider is known to build a retreat.


The Green Jumping Spider is a diurnal hunter and uses vision to stalk its prey (Jackson, 1983).


Males and females of this species are easy to tell apart, with the male having ‘white whiskers’ (Jackson, 1983). The whiskers being the ppenicillatus. The females are usually a more thorough green colour than the males.

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