October 16, 2018

Green Christmas Beetle

Scientific Name: Anoplognathus prasinus

Other Common Names: New World Scarab Beetle

Species documented in 1840 by Castelnau / Laporte.


Rare Australian bugs and insects are also present, such as this rare beetle with an overall green coloring with some punctuation. Very similar to the Leaf Green Christmas Beetle (Anoplognathus punctulatus) and differential identification between the two can sometimes be quite difficult. The Green Christmas Beetle can grow up to 30mm in size.



Coastal north east New South Wales and south east Queensland as far north as Yeppoon (AustMus, 2003). They are reported to only occur in subtropical rainforest or adjacent wet sclerophyll forest (Williams, 2002) however there are also unconfirmed reports of this particular species to venture into residential areas.



Adult Christmas Beetles are active from November to February, and attracted to light (AustMus, 2003).

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