Scientific Name: Steatoda grossa

Other Common Names: Cupboard Spider, Dark Comb-footed Spider, False Black Widow

Species documented in 1838 by Koch.


Within Australia, this spider is often confused with the venomous Red-back Spider, as the body shape is very similar to that of the Redback. The web is also similar to a redbacks. In other parts of the globe, this spider gets confused with another venomous spider, the Black Widow. Males are around 4mm in size, and females average around 10mm. The male is smaller bodied with longer legs, and the white markings are much more prominent on the male than on the female. The female is larger, and has dulled white markings.

The brown house spider builds a tangled web with sticky catching.



The bite of this spider may cause headaches and nausea. Localised blistering may occur at the site. Consult medical advice if you have been bitten by a spider.

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