December 24, 2017

Black House Spider

Scientific Name: Badumna insignis

Other Common Names: Window Spider, Sheet-web Building Spider,

Species documented in 1872 by L. Koch.


Primarily black in colour, with lighter markings on the abdomen. Males grow to around 8 to 10mm in size, and females around 17 to 20mm.

Due to the body shape and overall appearance, this spider often gets confused with the venomous funnel-web spider. The funnel-web spider creates its nest at or below ground level, where as the black house spider will create its web usually as high as possible.


The average lifespan is approximately two years.


As the name suggests, the spider is often found building a nest in the cracks of window seals or parts on the outside of a house. It will often build its web in holes of bricks, or other exterior positions.

This spider is found across Australia. The web has funnels which sometimes confuses this spider with the funnel-web spider.



Previously species name: Ixeuticus robustus.

Bite may cause mild illness and necrotising arachnidism. If bitten, please seek medical advice.

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  1. Paul

    December 11, 2022

    we have had two successive black house spiders in the corner of our kitchen window over 4 years now. both have left the web after about two years. we found the latest one in the kitchen sink last night. Is this s sign that they are at the end of their lives?


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