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Collecting Insects

Insect Identification

Australian Insect Collections




General Information:

Insects in the Wet Tropics

Forensic Entomology (Dept. of Agriculture, W.A.)

Medical Entomology (University of Sydney & Westmead Hospital)

Radar Entomology (University of NSW, Australian Defence Force Academy)

Collecting Insects:

Queensland Museum

CSIRO Pitfall Trap

Insect Identification:

Queensland Museum

Australian Insect Collections:

Australian National Insect Collection CSIRO

Australian Museum Sydney

Council of Heads of Australian Entomological Collections

Macleay Museum, University of Sydney

Museum Victoria

NSW Agricultural Scientific Collections Unit

SA Museum

University of Queensland

University of Adelaide: Waite Insect & Nemotode Collection

Western Australian Museum


Find a Spider Guide University of Southern Queensland

Commercial Links:

Australian Insect Farm

Miscellaneous Links:

Life Unseen Brilliant images and information of insects found throughout Queensland. Insects are photographed in their natural habitat without removal of the insect or disturbance to their environment.

Brisbane Insects & Spiders Information and photos on a large number of insects found in Queensland.