June 10, 2018

Australian Cockroach

Scientific Name: Periplaneta australasiae

Other Common Names:

Species documented in 1775 by Fabricius.


The Australian Cockroach has yellow markings on the thorax and streaks on the base of its wings. This separates this species from the similar American Cockroach.
The Australian cockroach averages around 30mm to 35mm in size. Their antennae are slightly larger than their body size. Their heads are protected under the pronotum. Despite their tough body, the cockroach is quite flexible and able to bend which is one contributing factor to allow it to fit through small spaces.


It takes approximately one year from an egg to an adult cockroach. Female cockroaches lay eggs in an ootheca (egg sac). There are approximately 24 eggs per ootheca, and about three-quarters of the eggs hatch.


Although named the Australian Cockroach, this species actually originated in Asia. This particular species of cockroach is found world-wide.

These cockroaches prefer warmer climates, and usually tend to stay outdoors. In cooler climates or during winter months, they may seek shelter indoors.


The Australian Cockroach feeds on just about anything, however they reportedly feed on plants more than other cockroach species.


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